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Our Reviews Policy

Evemarie Gubert
posted this on September 7, 2012, 15:43

Right now, the internet is rife with more trolls than Norse mythology. With so many anonymous online reviews, and so much conflicting information, it’s difficult to know what you can really expect from a business.

We at Groupon want to set realistic expectations for our customers. We do the leg work, and research businesses extensively. A summary of online reviews features in the write-up for all applicable deals, to tell customers exactly what they need to know about a business, and suggest where they can continue to read.

Our sources

We have a pool of reviews sites which we trust. These are judged in terms of impartiality, legitimacy and transparency. We also factor in recommendations from publications which are established and reputable, and awards which can be externally verified.


We don’t just focus on the positive reviews: summaries of online feedback are objective and factual, and pick out the specific things that users consistently mention. We always include links to verify each review and suggest where customers can continue to read. To make sure we’re focusing on the present, all sources we consider are within three years old.

We have a number of ways to detect illegitimate reviews, and all sources are vetted thoroughly. If reviews suggest there is a persistent problem with a particular merchant, we address these with the business and make sure improvements are made.

Groupon customer feedback

After redeeming a Groupon, customers are sent a survey. These ask whether customers would recommend the business, and what specific feedback they have.

We include statistics in deal write-ups to let customers know what they can expect from businesses. Statistics are only used in this way once a certain amount of customers have responded, to make sure they are authoritative. Negative feedback is addressed with businesses to make sure improvements are made.



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