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Evemarie Gubert
posted this on October 31, 2012, 16:43

I've just bought a Groupon Goods voucher. What happens next?

After purchase, you will receive a confirmation email and your voucher or order confirmation will be available right away in your Groupon Account under 'My Orders'. 


How do I redeem my Groupon Goods voucher?

For items sold by Groupon Goods Global GmbH or most of our merchants, you do not need to take further action. Your order will be directly shipped to you within the delivery time specified on your deal or on your purchase confirmation. 
For some of the goods sold by our merchants, you will need to follow the redemption instructions located on your voucher. This usually involves placing an order on the merchant's website and entering your voucher codes. The estimated delivery time is from the date you place your order with the merchant.


Can I track the progress of my order?

If your item has been sent tracked you'll receive a tracking code which you can use to check the status of your delivery.



What does “Discount” mean and how is the “You save” figure calculated?

The discount is based on the price at which the merchant offering the service or product on the Groupon website makes that service or product available to non-Groupon customers. The calculation of how much you save by using Groupon is the difference between the price available to non-Groupon customers at the time of price verification (see below) and the cost of the voucher.


What is price verification?

We strive to bring you great deals at great prices. As part of this commitment we ensure that the “Discount” figure we show is based on the merchant’s current established selling price. Price verification is the process we have in place to ensure that the information we are given by merchants regarding their prices is accurate. For most of our deals we obtain sales records, screenshots, receipts or similar documentation from the merchant in order to verify the price.


Occasionally we will feature deals on our Goods page for products which have not been sold by our partner for a sufficient amount of time for us to be certain that their selling price is established. We will not offer a discount based on a price that has not been established. In this case we calculate our discount figure based on the price at which a product is generally available from other online retailers. If it is only available from one retailer we will use that price for comparison. If it is available from a number of websites at different prices then we take a figure which is somewhere between the highest and lowest prices, close to the average price of the best-known websites. We take screenshots with date stamps of these prices to hold as proof of our price verification process.


Why are we doing this?

You may wonder why we so thoroughly check the prices at which our merchants sell their services or products to non-Groupon customers. Well, we do this for you! We truly value the customer experience and want to guide you through your Groupon deal, from beginning to end, by dealing with you fairly and transparently.


This also means that we are always evolving the way our discount and savings values are calculated. Therefore, we reserve the right to amend our processes at any time. This version was last updated on 19th February 2013 and is the most up-to-date version we are using.

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