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Starbucks FAQs

Evemarie Gubert
posted this on June 04, 2013 09:56




What should I do after I buy my Groupon for the Starbucks deal?


1. Get your voucher

We will send you the Groupon via email as soon as your Groupon is ready.

You can also access and download your Groupon voucher at any time by logging in to your Groupon account, under My Account > My Orders. 

The Groupon will appear on your account at the same time it is emailed to you.


2. Activate your e-gift card

You have until 31st December 2013 to redeem your Groupon voucher and activate the Starbucks Card eGift. Once redeemed, your Starbucks Card eGift is valid until 30th March 2014. 

  • On the web:
    • To activate your gift card, go to
    • Enter the Groupon code and PIN located on your voucher
    • Click 'Claim my eGift'
  • On the mobile app:
    • Simply click on the 'Use this Groupon' or 'Download voucher' button
    • Show the bar code on your mobile app when buying in store

Print the eGift card or transfer the credit to your Starbucks card if you have one. 


3. Enjoy!

Simply show your printed Starbucks Card eGift to pay at any participating Starbucks or scan the bar code from your smartphone. 

The Starbucks Card eGift may be used at any Starbucks stores in the UK that allow payments by Starbucks cards. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I just bring my voucher to a Starbucks store to redeem it?

Unfortunately you can't. You have to go to, follow the redemption instruction and then print your Starbucks card egift. Simply show your printed Starbucks Card eGift to pay at any participating Starbucks or scan the bar code from your smartphone. 

Do I have to use my entire Starbucks Card eGift in one visit?

You may use your Starbucks Card eGift over multiple visits.

How can I check the balance on my Starbucks Card eGift?

Please visit to check, register and transfer your eGift balance.

Can I use my Starbucks Card eGift purchased in UK in USA and/or Canada?

Yes, this eGift may be used in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico and the Republic of Ireland.

Are Starbucks Cards accepted in all their UK and Ireland stores?

Starbucks has over 700 company owned and run stores across the UK and Ireland located in shopping centres and high streets which are able to accept Starbucks Cards. There are a small number of stores which are not wholly company owned and are not able to accept Starbucks Cards. These include their Motorway service stores in Welcome Break and Euro Garages, some railway station stores and concessions located within leisure facilities such as Centre Parcs, Village Hotels, Bourne Leisure and a number of their airport stores. 

Can I use the Starbucks Card eGift via mobile in store?

Yes, simply register your eGift and use within a mobile app or present your eGift barcode in store. Learn more about available Starbucks mobile apps here -

What happens if I don't activate my eGift card in time?

If you have not redeemed your Groupon for a Starbucks Card eGift by the expiration date listed, you will be provided with a new code to redeem which will be valid for the original purchase value of £5.

Will I get free extras when I use this eGift? 

Yes if the eGift is registered to your account, you will earn rewards for redemptions when using this eGift.

What phone can I view the deal from?

You can see the deal from your mobile app on both Iphone and Android.